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Presentation of Zyra Expert Advisor: Combining Performance and Robustness

Our Zyra Expert Advisor (EA) is a proven swing trading solution designed to assist traders in making smarter trading decisions. What sets us apart in the market is our unique approach that incorporates multiple strategies simultaneously.

With sophisticated algorithms, Zyra constantly analyzes the market to identify trends and potential entry and exit points. We have individually tested and optimized each strategy using over 18 years of historical data to reduce the risk of curve fitting.

The robustness of our strategies is a crucial aspect for our clients. Unlike some risky EAs, Zyra does not employ strategies such as Grid or Martingale, which can lead to catastrophic losses. Each trade is equipped with a Stop Loss and Take Profit to ensure a Risk-Reward ratio of at least 2, minimizing the risk of loss.

We are proud to highlight that Zyra is designed to operate independently of brokers or VPS, and does not require a fast internet connection or expensive VPS. This allows our users to save on brokerage and VPS fees, while focusing on optimizing their trading strategy without worrying about system performance.

Zyra is designed to work on an H1 timeframe but also considers daily, weekly, and monthly periodicity data. With proper customization, you can choose which strategies to use for each currency pair you follow. Additionally, Zyra does not require regular updates to adapt to market conditions, allowing you to spend more time making the right trading decisions.

The robustness of our strategies has been verified through a series of rigorous tests. We conducted high precision tests using Dukascopy ticks, ensuring high accuracy in the quality of backtesting. Additionally, we performed Monte Carlo simulations to assess the resilience of our strategies to market variations and uncertainties. We also employed the Overcome Curve Fitting (OCF) method to evaluate the sensitivity of our strategies to excessive optimization.

These comprehensive tests aim to eliminate strategies that are too dependent on historical data and strengthen the probability of an effective long-term strategy. However, it is important to note that past performance does not guarantee future results, and trading always carries risks.

At Zyra, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and reliable solution to enhance our clients' trading performance. In addition to our Expert Advisor, we offer installation assistance and quality technical support. Our goal is to help our clients achieve a composite annual return rate of 10% with an annual risk limit of 5%, while ensuring simplicity and consistency in their trades.

Join us today and experience the benefits of Zyra Expert Advisor to enhance your trading journey. Keep in mind that trading involves risks, and it is important to exercise caution and manage risk appropriately. Our team is here to support you and help maximize your trading potential.

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Zyra Silver

Zyra Silver provides you with access to 29 trading symbols, each linked to a unique trading strategy. This extensive diversification offers essential flexibility in your trading approach, allowing you to seize numerous opportunities across different financial markets. Embrace the wealth of options offered by Zyra Silver to optimize your trading outcomes.

Risk = 10%

Report : Zyra Silver Risk=10% 2012 to 2023
Zyra Silver Risk=10% 2012 to 2023

The Zyra Silver 10 portfolio has delivered commendable performance over an 11-year period, maintaining a 10% risk threshold. With a total profit of $1,353,027.90 and a profit of 92,423.3 pips, this portfolio has exhibited substantial returns.

The yearly average profit of $115,983.70 and an annual average percentage return of 115.98% underscore its ability to consistently achieve substantial returns while adhering to the 10% risk parameter.

A Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.98% showcases impressive growth over the 11-year duration, affirming strong and sustained performance that surpasses expectations and generates substantial wealth.

Despite a relatively modest winning percentage of 38.69%, the portfolio demonstrates its profitability with a profit factor of 1.29. This indicates that the portfolio has generated more profits than losses, signifying effective trade management and capital allocation.

The drawdown of $113,619.59, equivalent to 12.94% of the initial capital, highlights the portfolio's ability to endure market fluctuations and recover from potential losses while remaining within the predetermined risk level.

The Sharpe ratio of 0.07 reflects the risk-adjusted returns of the portfolio, indicating favorable returns given the level of risk taken. The return-to-drawdown ratio of 11.91 signifies that the portfolio has generated considerable returns relative to the drawdown experienced, showcasing a favorable risk-return profile.

A daily average profit of $317.99 and a monthly average profit of $9,664.48 underline the portfolio's consistent profitability on a daily and monthly basis, providing a steady income stream.

Considering risk-adjusted returns, the portfolio has achieved an annual return-to-maximum-drawdown ratio of 1.93, indicating a favorable balance between risk and returns.

An R expectancy of 0.18 R reflects the average expected profit per unit of risk in each trade, indicating a positive return relative to the risk taken. The R Exp Score of 107.15 R measures the overall effectiveness of the portfolio in terms of risk management and profit generation.

The System Quality Number (SQN) of 4.87 and SQN Score of 3.47 suggest that the portfolio possesses a moderately high-quality trading system, with potential for further optimization and improvement in trading strategies to enhance performance and risk management.

In conclusion, the Zyra Silver 10 portfolio has demonstrated robust performance over an 11-year period, yielding substantial returns, consistent profitability, and effective risk management. Despite a relatively moderate winning percentage, its profitability and risk-adjusted returns showcase prudent risk management and capital allocation. There remains potential for further optimization to enhance performance, making Zyra Silver 10 a promising candidate for traders seeking consistent returns with a 10% risk threshold.