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Terms and Conditions 1

1. Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions govern the use of the website, as well as the purchase and use of licenses for the Expert Advisors (EAs) offered by Zyra Trading.

1.2 By placing an order on our website, you fully and unconditionally accept these terms and conditions.

2. Products and Pricing

2.1 Zyra Trading offers three Expert Advisors: "Zyra Bronze," "Zyra Silver," and "Zyra Gold." Each EA is a portfolio of trading strategies for the Metatrader platform.

2.2 The price of the licenses is determined based on the number of strategies included in each EA. Prices are in euros.

2.3 The licenses are valid for a one-year period. License renewal is possible with a 10% discount.

3. Ordering Process

3.1 To place an order, you must create an account on our website.

3.2 Once logged in, go to the "Home" page and click on the price buttons corresponding to the desired EA.

3.3 You will need to provide billing information and choose the payment method.

3.4 Once payment is confirmed, the license will be immediately assigned to you and available in your customer area.

3.5 The corresponding invoice will be sent by email and will also be available for download in your customer area.

4. Payment Methods

4.1 We currently accept payments by credit card through the Stripe platform.

5. Delivery

5.1 Delivery of the licenses is instantaneous upon payment confirmation. The licenses will be available in your customer area.

6. Refund Policy

6.1 No refunds are possible for the Expert Advisor licenses. Past performance or backtesting results do not guarantee future gains.

7. Technical Support

7.1 Zyra Trading is committed to resolving any bugs or technical issues related to the use of the Expert Advisors. Users affected by such issues will be granted a corresponding discount.

8. Data Privacy

8.1 Zyra Trading does not collect any additional personal data on the website. Your account and billing information are securely and confidentially processed. Passwords are encrypted in our database.

9. Disputes

9.1 Any disputes arising from the use of the website or the Expert Advisor licenses shall be governed by applicable law. The competent courts shall be those designated by this legislation.

Welcome to Zyra Trading! These terms and conditions govern your use of our website. By accessing or using our website, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Terms and Conditions 2

1. Prohibited Activities

1.1 It is strictly prohibited to engage in hacking, piracy, or identity theft. Users may be required to provide evidence to verify their identity in case of identity theft accusations.

2. User Information

2.1 To use our website, you must provide accurate and complete information, including your name, email address, and billing address.

3. User Obligations

3.1 Users must provide truthful and accurate information for the proper functioning of the website and refrain from disclosing any personal data or license information.

4. Prohibited Content

4.1 Hacking, piracy, and identity theft are strictly prohibited. Users may not engage in any activities that involve the unauthorized use or manipulation of data.

5. Intellectual Property

5.1 All content on the website is the property of Zyra Trading unless otherwise stated. Any external sources will be clearly indicated in the bottom-right corner of the respective content.

6. Data Privacy

6.1 We take data privacy seriously and utilize SSL encryption to protect user information. Only the administrator has access to user data.

7. Disclaimer of Liability

7.1 We are committed to providing functional products with maximum security. However, it is important to understand that past performance does not guarantee future gains. Users acknowledge and accept the risks associated with trading activities.

8. Third-Party Links

8.1 We are not responsible for the content of third-party websites linked on our site. Users access these websites at their own risk.

9. User Support

9.1 All user support is managed through Discord. Users must open a ticket for assistance. Users are not permitted to add any content to the website directly.

10. Account Termination

10.1 We reserve the right to terminate user accounts if any attempt to harm Zyra Trading or other members through falsification or theft of information is detected.

11. Dispute Resolution

11.1 Disputes or conflicts can be resolved by opening a ticket on our Discord server. We utilize Discord as a secure platform to ensure that only verified user accounts with valid email addresses and phone numbers can access our server, thereby preventing fake accounts.