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Zyra uses a swing trading approach and offers diversification across a portfolio of currencies. Our strategies ensure low risk exposure, all thanks to a no-grid or martingale approach, and with stop loss and take profit for each position. Zyra is simple to use, affordable, and can offer an average return of 10% based on our 18-year backtest.

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Zyra Silver (since 06/09/2023)

Zyra Bronze (since 07/07/2023)

This is a test signal that I use to experiment and analyze different trading strategies. It allows me to test various trading programs, indicators, and tools to determine what works best.

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Zyra Bronze

Zyra Bronze utilizes 7 symbols and showcases the results of a test conducted with ICMarket broker, an initial deposit of €7,000, leverage of 1:25, and a period from 2005 to 2023 with a 10% risk. You can view the test image and the complete report by following the Zyra Bronze link for more detailed information.

Report : Zyra Bronze Hedging Risk=10% 2005 to 2023

Zyra Bronze Hedging 10% 2005-2023

Zyra Silver

Zyra Silver provides you with access to 29 trading symbols, each linked to a unique trading strategy. This extensive diversification offers essential flexibility in your trading approach, allowing you to seize numerous opportunities across different financial markets. Embrace the wealth of options offered by Zyra Silver to optimize your trading outcomes.

Report : Zyra Silver Risk=10% 2012 to 2023

Zyra Silver 10% 2012-2023

Zyra Gold

Not available


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